The Driving School

The Driving School “KATSARIS” was founded in 1950 by Dimitrakis Katsaris who was a Driving Instructor at the Police Headquarters.

The history of the school has been and still is impressive. The number of the students as well as the people who trust us with their training is continuously increasing.

This increase is a direct recognition and acknowledgement of our love for Instruction as well as the knowledge and the ability to communicate this knowledge, the willingness and the high level of the Instructors who are part of this School.

The aim and the vision of the School “P.KATSARIS” is to meet one of the most essential needs of the world today which is ROAD SAFETY.

Our wish to achieve our aims and to provide instruction of the highest quality has led us to take part in seminars such as the following:

  • Train-the-Trainer Qualification
  • We offer EcoDriving Sceminars
  • 12th International Congress of Driving Instructors
  • 13th International Driving School Congress Professional Driver Training
  • 14th International Driving School Congress Professional Driver Training
  • Delivering the European Road Safety Action Plan
  • “Road Safety” Seminar organized by the Police Headquarters
  • ADR Training Course
  • Training of Driving Instructors
  • Rallyschool Bill Gwynne International