New Drivers

New Drivers…Ten pieces of advice for your safety…!

Some things are neither simple nor a given for new drivers.

It takes time, attention, patience and a lot of practice with the vehicle.

More than that, it is necessary to cultivate a driving conscience which will protect them from making fatal mistakes. This is something which can only be achieved if the proper information is provided.


  1. The L that saves lives! L stands for learner. It is necessary for every new driver who only has a learner licence to be escorted by a person who holds a driving licence.
  2. Take a seat! When you enter the car sit properly, fasten your seat belt and make sure the other passengers fasten theirs.
  3. Mirrors! There are three mirrors in every vehicle! This is one of the most important aspects of driving because the mirrors provide information about almost everything that is happening next to and behind your vehicle.
  4. Indicator light! Make sure you indicate the direction towards which you intend to go and be aware that the indicator switches are the way you can communicate with the other people who use the road. They are there so that you can inform people not oblige them to do what you want.
  5. Blind spots. Be careful because blind spots are a source of danger every time we change lanes or attempt any other type of maneuver!
  6. Left lane. All drivers and learners drive on the left lane and overtake other vehicles using the right lane.
  7. Be careful at the intersections! An event which occurs quite frequently is not respecting the right of way of other vehicles…Give yourself the opportunity to react in case another driver does not respect it!
  8. Road curves! There are many and they are dangerous! Remember to drive more slowly and keep to the left side as much as possible whenever you are driving around a curve whether it is a left or a right one.
  9. Alcohol! There is no quantity of alcohol in the blood which is considered safe for driving! When we intend to drive it is important not only NOT to drink but not even to smell like alcohol.
  10. Avoid driving! When you are upset or when there are people in the car who make you feel stressed, or become scared and easily excited.